Do you want to increase your sales and retain your customer base?

Barry Radivan HCPC Podiatrist has been using his techniques of communication and business to grow his Podiatry clinic. Over the past few years he has tested the principles of his programmes with his patients.

By getting great Rapport with all his patients, Barry has enabled more patients to say “YES”.

Fees are no longer THE concern but A Concern when talking with patients about an advanced treatment.

By attending the one day Podiatry Ethical Sales and Communication Programme, podiatrists will learn the skills to grow their business with ease.

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Ethical Sales Courses for Podiatrists


Some of the outcomes you will achieve by attending this programme:

  • Develop more self confidence and a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment.
  • Discover the one major secret why some podiatrists are more successful than others.
  • Feel more comfortable discussing your fees with more self confidence and never undercharge for your services again.
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