The Business of Private Podiatry Practice Ethical Sales and Communication Course


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On this course you will discover:

  • How to turn patients enquiries to your practice into an appointment
  • How to create the perfect consultation and patient journey
  • How to talk money with confidence and achieve the prices your services desire
  • The secrets to becoming a true master of the art of persuasion
  • How to present solutions so they want to buy from you
  • How to work together as a team, so that you never drop the baton again
  • Help more of your patients say YES more often

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Sunday 21st July 2019 – Cheshire, Thursday 25th July 2019 – Stoke on Trent, Monday 5th August 2019 – Gatwick, Thursday 29th August 2019 – Coventry, Sunday 15th September 2019 – Nottingham, Wednesday 25th September 2019 – Milton Keynes, Monday 28th October 2019 – Liverpool, Monday 4th November 2019, Monday 11th November 2019 – Brighton, January 2020 – London


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